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  • What is the secret of the HDMI cable

    For many of our home users, projectors and other equipment that provide input sources are not too far away, usually one to two meters, so we generally choose a 1.5-meter HDMI cable. In the selection of HDMI cables, short-interval transmission can be considered below 5 meters. The selection of HDM...
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  • The popularity of electronic connectors has accelerated the technological and intelligent process of functional industries

    In today’s society, science and technology are developing faster and faster, and people are gradually becoming electronic and technological. Electronic connectors are such a new thing. At both ends of a loop, there are two conductors. There may be no connection between these two conductors. The r...
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  • Basic knowledge of data lines

    Data cable, which is used to connect mobile devices and computers for data transfer or communication purposes. Popularly speaking, it is a access tool for connecting computers and mobile devices to transfer files such as videos, ring tones, and pictures. Now, with the rapid development of the ele...
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